Sidekicks, just how useful are they?

Published on: 09/01/2020 - 20:00 PM

Are video game sidekicks worth it? However infuriating a sidekick can be, there are the few amongst them that are useful and reliable and some which are just outright useless. Just how helpful can a video game sidekick be?

Cappy – Super Mario Odyssey.

Unlike baby Mario in Yoshi’s Island, who is… let’s put it, pointless. Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey is useful and serves a purpose in the game – being an extremely efficient tool throughout. Not only does he allow you to morph into multiple characters making the game play unique, keeping you guessing as to who you would morph into next, but…he can also be used as a weapon too. How many sidekicks can do that? Bravo Cappy.

What about Navi from Ocarina of Time? Good or Bad?

“Hey, Listen!” – Couldn’t have put it any better myself, Navi is the voice of a helpful sidekick offering up hints and tips throughout the game, some being more helpful than others. Not only does she highlight enemies, but she becomes a helpful guide throughout. Despite this, some would say that Navi can be slightly annoying with a lack of personality who is off-putting and loud. Sometimes offering hints when they are unnecessary. What do you think? </p>

How does Ellie – The Last Of Us fair?

So just how good of a side kick is Ellie considering she is only portrayed as a mere teenager? She offers the normal teenager traits. Defiant and stubborn with a hint of attitude, but at the same time she becomes a likeable character forming a close bond with Joel. Ellie proves to be more than just a reliable sidekick, she helps Joel proceed through the story coming to his aid on multiple occasions. In addition to this, she has her own dedicated play time and DLC – what other sidekicks can say they have that? Ellie is a dynamic sidekick and one which others should draw inspiration.

Diddy’s Kong-Quest.

Despite what you might think, Diddy was not created by Nintendo, he was in fact created by Rare - the company behind Donkey Kong Country. Throughout the years, Diddy has become one of the more recognisable sidekicks - an icon in his own right. Diddy proved to be such a success that he received his own game Donkey Kong Country 2 – Diddy’s Kong-Quest. Unlike other sidekicks, Diddy proved that he could easily stand-alone, adding additional benefits such as speed and agility. Overall Diddy is just a cool captivating chimp.

The Twin Tailed Fox.

Miles ‘Tails’ Prower, first appeared in 1992 alongside Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. He is known for his unique tail, which was used to give him the ability to fly in short bursts, offsetting Sonic’s speed allowing Tails to focus more on exploration. So why did Sega create Tails? How does he benefit gameplay? Tails was created to give players a co-op experience, much like Luigi to Mario. Tails is considered to be the easy mode allowing players to traverse the level looking for hidden secrets, reaching areas inaccessible to Sonic. Tails doesn’t really provide any assistance when playing single player, quite frequently dying then unobtrusively flying back into view, often being the cause of much frustration. Tails is a great character and it would be difficult to image Sonic without him.

There are multiple sidekicks out there, good and bad, here is just a small selection of our favourites. What about you? Who would you have picked?

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