Sega Dreamcast with GDEMU Clone and Battery Mod


I have just upgraded this iconic console by fitting a brand new GDEMU clone and a 3D printed tray for easy access with SD Card Extender so the console wont need to be opened retrieve a dropped card, I have also performed a couple of other MODS which include: a replacement battery holder and a brand new LIR2032 battery, plus with the holder the battery can be replaced without any soldering (See Photos).

The GDEMU doesn’t use the 12 Volt line on the power supply (it was used for the GD Rom Drive) this can cause issues with the system getting really hot as well as causing premature wear on other components due to the extra voltage build up, so to prevent this I have disabled the 12V line so overheating and any other possible issues will no longer be a problem.

This does however mean a real GD Rom Disc Drive will not work anymore unless that line is re-installed or another stock power supply installed.

The system works perfectly and is ideal for anyone looking to get a future proof Dreamcast as the GD Rom lasers are wearing out more and more. Not to mention the Discs Rotting away.

The only thing to mention is the console case is a little yellowed, I was going to paint it but decided the buyer could decide what they would like to do.

Please see the photos to see what has been done.

SD CARD, CABLES, CONTROLLER, VMU NOT INCLUDED, CONSOLE ONLY. I can provide instructions on how to use the system and get an SD CARD Setup.